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What is
Retail Upskill?

Retail UpSkill leverages skills development spend to create an impactful and sustainable effect on the property and retail sector. The programme uses SETA administration services to unlock mandatory and discretionary grants to fund Retailer Masterclasses in sales, customer experience and digital; learnerships and skills programmes in customer experience for property owner and service provider staff; and a digital employee engagement platform which provides training and communication to all employees. SETA’s will assist with industry special projects for property owners, retailers and service providers focused on future skills.

Get rewarded with
Retail UpSkill

The Property Charter’s support of the sectoral response to these changes is to collaborate across industries supporting the retail sector to coordinate initiatives for greater impact.

Protection of

Revenue & Jobs

Improved BBBEE


Enhanced Customer



Who is involved?

The programme will align skills development initiatives across retail property owners, independent retailers and service providers who fit into different SETAs.
Retail Up Skill

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Need for digital

The programme offers digital solutions which respond to e-commerce, making it mutually beneficial for property owners to get on board with this initiative, which provides convenient access to a skills development framework that drives real value for their business. When there are unified quality customer service and customer experience across all retailers, it guarantees revenue growth.

Established framework and
B‑BBEE principles

The Property Sector Charter Council, established a framework and the principles which B-BBEE implemented in the sector. The PSCC ensures the development of a code of good practice for the property sector. The PSCC sets targets and qualitative actions for each element of the B-BBEE requirements, outline processes for implementing the charter and provides standards for monitoring and reporting progress.

Changing customer

Enjoy a consistent and predictable engagement

Enjoy a consistent and predictable engagement

Trained and engaged staff

Trained and engaged staff

Provide an enjoyable and unique retail experience

Provide an enjoyable and unique retail experience

Co-ordinated engagement with employers

Co-ordinated engagement with employers

Improved engagement with stakeholders

Improved engagement with stakeholders

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